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COCO perfume Vibrant, sexy scent delicate top.

March 1979, Jacques Polge first visit Chanel Cambon Avenue residence Chanel Black Friday, his response both surprised and fascinated … The very compact design lines lady’s residence, how can be so rich, so diverse mix of styles ? In order to better understand, he decided on his first creation for the Chanel perfume women, to pay tribute to the woman.

COCO MADEMOISELLE perfume Coco Mademoiselle

Rich jasmine flowers – Rose fragrance, such as soft petal-like.

COCO MADEMOISELLE Coco Chanel Black Friday Mademoiselle Chanel perfume series presents the modern spirit has. Audacious she proved simple low-key luxury is a classic and elegant. She has played extremely autonomous her personal charm, attracting countless men, these are the twenty-first century with the characteristics of the modern woman, so again by Coco Mademoiselle perfume series presented.

Is CHANEL ALLURE fragrance launched in 1996 Chanel Bags Black Friday, after 10 years of development of ALLURE showed clear bright beauty, and unique modern and gorgeous aroma!

ALLURE unique fruit flavor and fragrance, can you build a new one true and classic aroma and unique flavor Chanel Handbags Black Friday, a symbol of modern women’s incomparable charm. Contains lemon, India jasmine, lily, citrus, vanilla and sandalwood.

Fragrance: flowers fresh tune

Before the taste: Italian lemon, citrus

Middle notes: rose, Indian jasmine, honeysuckle, magnolia and water lily Chanel Black Friday 2013

After taste: vetiver, vanilla

Sexy glamor perfume

Gentle oriental floral are carefully passed out, as if there is no pretense proximity to the mysterious sensual atmosphere which evoke infinite Chanel Black Friday Sales passion

Sensual charm Chanel Black Friday Deals and glamor perfume perfume different then at it more intimate and sensual way to be interpreted. It is warm, mysterious, charm, light and shine.

Coco Chanel once said, “Chance is my soul.” When a chance encounter at Chanel Discount Black Friday, Chance was born. Following the classic CHANEL No5, the new fragrance CHANCE with a new rounded image and become a new classic perfume, a new model for tomorrow’s world. Chanel fragrance guru Jacques Polge in three years time modulation of Chance, is particularly aimed at young adventurous, loving fantasy, passionate vitality, wild yet slender young women designs. CHANEL Chance got Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna as international image, it is spotted her share of young and frivolous, self-confident, diverse personality traits and natural beauty, as reflected in today’s young women the best candidate.

Chanel Chance was released, which caused a sensation in the United States,Chanel Makeup Black Friday with fresh floral tone, dynamic flavor level fusion hyacinth, white musk, pink pepper, jasmine, vetiver, citrus fruit, iris and amber patchouli, exudes sweet sensation, but also an emotional and warm atmosphere, sweet and spicy smell interwoven experience the full performance of the era of women vibrant and courageous side, CHANCE innovative planetary flavor surprise, out of the general before, during and after taste fixed form, let your sweet temperament full of surprises.

Packaging and bottle designs from the past Chanel Black Friday, creating a memorable new surprises, visually pleasing rounded bottle, pink packaging to tease the senses. Unlike classic Chanel perfume bottle square, Chance is the history of the first round Chanel perfume bottle, officially opened the new era for Chanel prelude! Within the rounded, filled with a wild power, surging sexy charm and creativity, but also contains an infinite universe, the meaning, the success of Chanel perfume to write new chapter in history.

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